Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leather Masks by Tom Banwell

California based artist, Tom Banwell, has created these beautiful handmade masks made of vegetable tanned leather. They are shaped to fit the face while still wet, then painted...

You can find Tom's masks @

Do-a-Double-Take Collage by Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Poetic collage by Alexis Anne Mackenzie that deserves a closer look...













(1) Who Said That (2) Fake Blood (3) Crocodile Tears (4) Just This Once (5) Footprints On The Moon (6) Lovers (7) Massive Guilt (8) Dreaming Is Easy (9) Never Be Sad (10) It Matters To Me (11) Don't Fight It (12) True Love


Doodles from Sagaki Keita

So you say you can doodle? Get a load of Sagaki Keita's manic doodles of classic Roman statues.

Now this my friend, is doodling...