Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Margaret Morrison

Artist Margaret Morrison has done it; she's captured my youth.

Trojan Horse, 2010
Oil on canvas (72 x 64 inches)

Gummi Bears, 2008
Oil on canvas (48 x 54 inches)

Menace, 2010
Oil on canvas (60 x 60 inches)

Candy Apples, 2009
Oil on canvas (64 x 72 inches)

Sweet Nothings, 2008
Oil on canvas (64 x 72 inches)

Kiss, 2008
Oil on canvas (44 x 48 inches)

Fisher Price People, 2010
Oil on canvas (48 x 48 inches)

Cupcakes, 2008
Oil on canvas (54 x 48 inches)

Marbles, 2010
Oil on canvas (24 x 24 inches)

Ribbon Candy, 2009
Oil on canvas (54 x 48 inches)

Additional works can be found @ http://www.woodwardgallery.net/mor-ribboncandy.html

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Raveonettes - "Heart of Stone"

It's been a Raveonettes kind of day...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glass Viruses by Luke Jerram

With the help of virologists from the University of Bristol, Luke Jerram has created mega-pathogens out of glass that are approximately a 1,000,000 times larger than their actual size. To assist us in our interpretation of these little buggers, he has accentuated them by adding color.

Swine Flu


E. Coli

E. Coli (detail)

Avian Flu

Human Papilloma (HPV)




T4 Bacteriophage

Skateboarding: A 360° View

Skater, Aryeh Kraus, uses 6 GoPro cameras to capture his moves in this video fittingly titled, "Extremities". One camera was strapped on each knee and each arm, his head and one beneath the deck. Eli Stonberg directed and edited this film, and the music track is called "Pure" courtesy of Blackbird Blackbird.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

F*ck Everything Glasses

Supposedly, these specs are in support of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei... but hey, seems to me they just might come in handy for any ol' occasion when the mood calls for a little boost of self-expression.

Adapted from the first person shooter glasses used in the video game "Counter-Strike", creator Aram Bartholl has made it easy to download the PDF, print the double-sided postcard, and then cut and mount the parts.

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Magazine Stool by NJUStudio

I'm not sure why this kitschy piece spoke to me. Maybe it did because I'm attracted to multipurpose functionality and designers that come up with this stuff. Perhaps it's because I'm always torn when the time comes to weed out my ever-growing magazine collection. Do I trash them or do I give them a second life by sharing them with others? I rarely have the heart to just throw them away, seems like such a waste especially when they are practically in pristine condition. I always think there will be some point in time when I'll want an article for reference... a recipe, a clever diy project, a health related article or a fantastic kitchen design.

This stool seems like it might somewhat solve my dilemma by being a resourceful way to curb (or rein-in) my predilection to hoard.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ghost Ants

Coming in at about 1/16 of an inch, Ghost Ants, or Tapinoma Melanocephalum are a tropical species found throughout the world and are recognized by their dark head and thorax, and light abdomen and legs. Normally they inhabit the outdoors because of their need for moisture, but during dry conditions, they are known to camp out indoors sharing your domestic bliss while thriving mainly off of what is sweet.

Since their abdomens are transparent, the food Ghost Ants consume can easily be detected.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Shi Jindian

What Shi Jindian can do with steel wire is beyond words. These photographs are so precise and ethereal that they look like computer generated images... but guess what? These be photos of the real dealz.

Shi's bio on White Rabbit states, "After searching years for “a material that was brand new, completely untraditional”, he settled on steel wires. By trial and error, he learned how to crochet the two-dimensional strands into three-dimensional forms using tools of his own devising. His wire meshes start out as wrappings around some common object. When the mesh is complete, Shi Jindian destroys or extracts the object, leaving only its steel “shadow”. The result, he says, is a kind of fiction, a virtual reality that can be walked around and touched."

Below is the "Blue CJ 750"... Chiangjiang 750 which is essentially a knockoff of the Russian military M72-M for mototsikl - which was an evolutionary version of BMW’s 1938 R71 side car.

“Beijing Jeep’s Shadow” (the chassis of a military vehicle).

Additional sculptures of the wheeled and un-wheeled variety...

Birth No. 2

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Animated Madness: Dog with Electric Collar

There's not much politically correct about this animation, but hey, what the heck. I choose to focus on the artistry despite my tendency to lean towards dark (sick?) humor.

Dog With Electric Collar from Steve Baker on Vimeo.