Monday, June 6, 2011

Magazine Stool by NJUStudio

I'm not sure why this kitschy piece spoke to me. Maybe it did because I'm attracted to multipurpose functionality and designers that come up with this stuff. Perhaps it's because I'm always torn when the time comes to weed out my ever-growing magazine collection. Do I trash them or do I give them a second life by sharing them with others? I rarely have the heart to just throw them away, seems like such a waste especially when they are practically in pristine condition. I always think there will be some point in time when I'll want an article for reference... a recipe, a clever diy project, a health related article or a fantastic kitchen design.

This stool seems like it might somewhat solve my dilemma by being a resourceful way to curb (or rein-in) my predilection to hoard.

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