Friday, May 30, 2014

Catch and Release...

"Everything happens for a reason." All too often I see this phrase posted far and wide, across the Internet landscape.

What does this even mean, anyway? Does it mean that all the shitty things that have happened are meant to be and predestined? Does it mean we should own our actions? Or does it simply mean that nothing happens without a trigger... something to make it so?

Are we to glean some sort of comfort or assurance from this expression, as in... "It's God's will?" All I know is "shit happens". Sometimes, we can't reason things out because we aren't equipped with all the answers. Sometimes events are not preventable... Not everything is within our control. Life isn't always predictable, nor understandable. Life is sometimes confusing and murky, and just plain random. "It is what it is?"

I've realized there's a rather deep meaning connected with our human predilection to compartmentalize circumstances with a saying, or catch phrase. The bigger question is, why do we do this? It strikes me as a lazy way to cubbyhole what we'd rather not define or deal with... Anywhooo... random thoughts. :) Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blue Jean Baby

This is one fashion trend that never appealed to me, and it simply... won't... die.

These jeans look silly. I mean, how many holes does one pair of jeans need?

Purposely ripping holes and fraying them is somehow disingenuous... Purchasing them this way is worse. It's forced and frankly, overkill. The whole point of, and the entire beauty of achieving a worn and tattered spot at the knee or another stress point is missing.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's, we earned our "holy" jeans. We wore them like a badge of honor. They were real and not a fake imitation. We cultivated their character, and like a scar, the tear told a story. These are cheater pants. They have no soul.

Sad face ~~>> :( for the hype of the Usurper and the loss of the real deal... a well-lived pair of blue jeans.