Monday, January 19, 2009

One Voice

Blogging… a phenomenon sweeping our world.

For some time, I’ve had an urge to start up a blog spot. I haven’t up until now because it’s always felt like a daunting exercise in futility, accompanied with a responsibility to be enlightened, factual, just and non-judgmental. I fight an all pervasive feeling that my one voice will count for little and be lost among the many.

But then, I decided I’m missing the point and by doing so, missing out. I told myself that it’s a free-spirited enterprise, embrace it. Go ahead and say what you wish no matter how trivial, emotional, deep or out there… just do it for heaven sake because it’s fun to write and share.

… uh huh.

Seriously, why do we blog? Is it to satisfy a creative urge? Are we selling ourselves? Is it just a medium to vent and make our opinions known? In some cases, is it the proverbial “cry for help”? Do we share a desire to be understood, or is blogging merely a means to an end in order to attract attention for whatever the reason? Do blogger's share a need to be heard by the masses when one good ear isn’t sufficient? I think it’s more about tossing bits of ourselves out there as a way of being part of the Universe at large.

I questioned what it is I want to say here. Let's face it, depending on what we choose to post, by writing in a public forum we reflect who we are as a person; we take a stand. It requires a bit of courage to publicly reveal our opinions and beliefs, our likes and dislikes. It’s documented. There is a sense of distinct vulnerability in this process as we show our true colors through words. No matter what, we ultimately cannot hide behind our words. The person we are leech's out around the verboseness. Nevertheless, I think it's human to gravitate towards being recognized and known.

My intentions are good. However impotent, I do not wish to clog the system any more than it is with pointless ramblings that no one cares to discover. I care very much to share something substantial and meaningful. As a byproduct of creative ventilation, I would love to hit upon and contribute a bit of clarity and insight amidst life's confusion... maybe connect in some way to the chain of humanity, substantiating that we aren't alone; that I'm not alone feeling like a castaway stranded with only Wilson to talk to.

... that being said, I shall attempt to let go of preconceived notions, boundaries and self-imposed rules. It’s going to be a hit and miss endeavor; but hopefully, every now and then I’ll come up with something halfway intelligent and interesting to share. It sure would be swell to actually be constructive and provide a good read… we shall see. The only thing I can promise is my blog will be a crazy quilt of musings and a mish-mosh of shiny things that have caught my eye.

So, what the heck… here ya go… some half-baked dish…

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