Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ever since being introduced to Johnny 5, I've had an abiding love for robots. Brian Marshall (aka Adoptabot) makes robots out of kitchen utensils and every other piece of used cutlery, creating whimsical characters reminiscent of my favorite robot of all time, WALL-Eeeee. :)

Caroline Le Breton also uses kitchen utensils and cookware for her cute robot creations.

Quite funny and offbeat work by Clayton Bailey.

Buggy Robot from Martin Horspool is also a great source for inventive little robot sculptures.

Here's "Roaming" Mobile Phone Man (left) and Phil Robot, whose head is made from an old railroad lantern.

This "Space Patrol" by Ultra Junk is made from "a vintage boat motor gas tank, 60's auto seats side trim plates, Studebaker emblem and vintage microphone for the grill, old van interior lights for head lights, BBQ gas grill parts for the engine exhaust pipes, bicycle head light with a cut down 1960 Chevy tail light for the rear light, part of a ballerina toy for the bubble shield with a 50's Chrysler headlight ring for the bubble trim, Electrolux vacuum cleaner parts, antique wood burner top and clothes rack ring for the base, and other odds and ends.

Even robots get the blues...

For more robots and source article click here.

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