Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Naoto Hattori

Everyday I appreciate art and admire those who make art, but through my observations, I've come to the conclusion that there's a lot of stagnancy and repetition going on in the art community. We all know that technical skills are paramount, but without an active imagination and a willingness to render a continuous variety of subject matter, an artist may never stand out. In light of this, it's not often that an artist genuinely excites me with their creations... excite me to the point that the urge to share my excitement and extol their talent, compels me to blog... excite me so much so, that in order to share my excitement, I'm actually willing to wrestle with blogger's frustrating picture upload quirks. Yup, you know it.

Naoto's images appeal to me for many reasons, among which are his use of color, his distorted, trippy imagery and his variety of whimsical, other worldly characters that have been described as "twisted surrealism". Ultimately, what appeals to me is his word defying, signature touch; his personal touch that can only be communicated visually.

Here are some of my Naoto Hattori favorites...



Water Nymph


Gas Elephant



Frog Da Breaker


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