Friday, September 24, 2010

Decourama!... a'la TP Rolls

Last year, TP roll sculptures by artist Junior Fritz Jacquet popped up on my radar and became one of my favorite blog topics to date. Today, I found that the fascination with using toilet paper rolls as an artistic medium still holds strong. I like the idea of creating art from what most of us take for granted and discard without a second thought.

Decoupage, from the French word decouper, meaning to cut, is a craft or art form that entails pasting cut-outs (typically paper) to an object and then covering it with several coats of varnish or lacquer... and as most of us are also aware of by way of our school~daze; a diorama is a mini-world... an entire landscape in a box, carry case, or window which displays model figures that can appear as a freeze frame of an historic event or anything else you want to create.

Rather than contorting the actual composition of the roll into art as Jacquet did byway of transforming the cardboard into grimacing faces, artist Anastassia Elias uses the roll itself as a platform, or frame of sorts, to hold and showcase her tiny, what I like to call, "decourama's". Armed with paper the same color as the roll, cutting tools and a pair of tweezers, she arranges various scenes captured from everyday life.

Here are a few of my favorite






For a detailed view, check out Anastassia's blog post @
For more about Anastassia Elias, check out her website @

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