Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, "blue" has it... the coveted title of America's most popular color of crayon, that is. And not just any one of Crayola's 15 different shades of blue. Not blizzard blue, cobalt blue, periwinkle, turquoise blue, cornflower, cadet blue, sky blue, blue bell, blue green, cerulean, denim, indigo, midnight blue, navy blue, pacific blue or robin egg blue, but the original, simple, non-fancified... "blue".

"Blue"... the color of the sky and the ocean, flowers and bows. As a kid I chose blue most often when coloring eyes, and when I drew rainbows, blue was always my first color choice to apply to the top arch. Always blue, then red, green, orange, purple and yellow, in descending order... had to be that order for everything to be right in the world. But after yellow, my color choices were random and spontaneous.

For over a hundred years, since 1903, Crayola Crayons have been at the top of the list of favorite playthings. To this day I keep a box of 64 crayons in my desk drawer... you know... just in case.

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